Trade Installation STEPS

Building your own home or for a client. Confidence comes when you know each step and the correct way to install products.

Suppliers say over 70% of their products are installed incorrectly. Make your company or your project successful with a "One in and done" installation. Great workmanship means more jobs. Better jobs. Included in the monthly subscription

DeWalt Handbook of the International Residential Codes

CODE 1.14 Live and Dead Loads for Building

All permits and inspections are based on the codes. The more you know the faster the jobs and the more money you make. Safety code knowledge is a must for remodeling and new home build.

General Contractor

Training in Your Home

Do you want to know to build a home? How to sell a job, meet with customers and look professional? CTS combines all their video training into a complete overview of the process.
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What We Hear the Most

  • Will this help me get my general contractors license?

    The State of Texas does not require a license but the DeWalt Code Handbook and Codes classes coming in September will help you study for the International Code Council (ICC) national general contractors exam if you want to take it for credibility or of your state requires licensing.

  • Will this help me get a job as a general contractor for a company?

    Probably not. Small companies need people who have experience. Most students start their own companies. It is amazing how they cannot get a job with an established company but they have the ability to not only be a contractor on thier own but start a business too!

  • Will I be able to be a contractor by following the videos?

    Yes. The information in the videos comes directly from the cities, manufacturers, successful businesses, the Small Business Administration, the ICC, and other governing bodies. We do not give our own opinion but connect you to the information you need to do the job right.

  • How long does it take before I can make money?

    Basically, you will need insurance and a contractors license. In Texas, you may start as soon as you have insurance. Our students start by doing jobs for friends and family during the evenings and on the weekends. Many of them quit their current jobs after a few weeks and start full time as contractors. You are basically ordering and overseeing installations. If you know business and codes you have a great chance of success. Fast.

  • How much does a general contractor or tradesperson make?

    According to Payscale general contractors make about $165k a year and trades make about 50k-70k for talents like carpentry, tile setting, and framing. As the industry loses more workers the price will go up.

  • Can I become a tradesperson by watching videos?

    Yes. We break down the owner's manuals and teaching from some of the best trainers out there. Unfortunately, most of them do not consider the needs of a beginner. We do. With practice, you will excel quickly. Even if your talent level is not the best. Our carpenters and tile setters usually take about 10-20 hours of self-training before they do jobs for customers. Be sure to study the Business videos form the Small Business Administration for a head start in making money.

Quick Reference Materials

New to 2020. Stop wasting time looking for the steps and lists to make you job easier. The STEPS series come from the manufacturer's installation manuals but in an easy to understand language.

  • Job Lists

    $100 value

    The Order of Operations, or steps, to building a home are included in your courses along with Estimate, Proposal and Bidding lists. You need these lists to run your jobs smoothly and not forget something in your bid. We call them the "Don't Forget" lists.

  • Additional Links

    $100 value

    Along with your overview courses and lists, you receive additional links to manufacturer's installation PDF's and online videos for proper installation. Avoid countless hours trying to find what you need to do the job right.

  • Breakdown Quick Steps

    $100 value

    Our newest aid for getting it done, the Breakdown Quick Steps give you the installation of products at a glance and the links and the links to the installation guide for faster fieldwork without compromising the integrity of the installation. Uploading February 4.


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